Sunday, June 21, 2015

Virginia Beach!

Yesterday we decided to go to Virginia Beach and we had a blast!  

We hit the road at 6:45 AM.
30 minutes into it Trevor said he had to go to the bathroom-  
he said he didn't need to go before we left!

Jacob posed for pictures outside the rest stop. 

We stopped at a doughnut shop in Richmond at 8:30 AM called Country Style Doughnuts.  I am still trying to find  a comparable doughnut out here to my all time favorite doughnut, Dunford's chocolate cake doughnut, these were really good, just not my Dunfords!  

We made it to Virginia Beach around 11 AM. We parked at a parking garage on 31st street.  We walked done to the beach and there was a huge Neptune stature. (picture from 
 There was a playground in the sand the kids played on and the bathrooms were super close!  
It was the perfect spot!

We spent the rest of our day playing in the sand and splashing in the water!!!  
   I love when my kids play together!

Ellie's favorite thing was going out in the ocean with Nick and having the waves splash into her.

Trevor had so much fun learning how to body surf.  He loved it! 
The waves would knock Trevor down and he would just get back up and do it all over again.   

Jacob LOVED playing in the sand.
 He would pick up mud balls and throw them into the waves over and over! 

Mom and Ellie taking a lunch break.  

On one of the many bathroom breaks I took Ellie on, I noticed that there was a Chobani yogurt truck giving away free samples so we all had a yogurt break!

 More water and sand time!
 Nick and I even saw dolphins out in the ocean and I saw one do a flip!

 Nick building a sand castle with Jacob and Ellie.  

Around 5:00 PM we hit the road.  
Our family picture for the day!

A fun day playing in the sand and ocean leads to this...

 On the way home near Fredricksburg a HUGE, torrential, rainstorm hit!  The rain was just coming down in buckets and of course Ellie needed to use the restroom.  Nick was a trooper and ran her to the rest stop bathroom.  They got SOAKED!

 We got home about 9 PM! 
It was such a fun day!  


Lizzy said...

So fun!!!!

Crystal Nelson said...

Wait, home? Did you guys move? Or is this a vacation?

Bryson and Tara said...

So fun to see an update with your cute family. Looks like quite an adventure! :)

Brent and Nicole said...

Your kiddos are getting so big!!! What a fun family. Love seeing the updates!